2004 Chateau Ste. Michelle Eroica Riesling (Alright, so it’s not the best picture in the world. I’ve got an excuse…it’s my birthday.)

I was very pleased with Lenn’s choice for this months Wine Blogging Wednesday was announced. The theme of “Buying local” was a new take on WBW. Sure, it is a politically correct and even politically relevant theme, but I have to admit that these weren’t the first two reasons that popped into my head rationalizing my joy. Nope, my motivations were far more selfish. You see, there’s a rather popular winery not two miles from my place of work.

Anyone ever hear of Chateau Ste. Michelle? This month was going to be a breeze. So much for my selfless motivations.

I did splurge a bit on the wine, going for the more austere Eroica Riesling. This wine is a collaboration between Washington’s most famous winery and Ernst Loosen of Germany. It’s a label they’re quite proud of and it scored a 91 in Wine Spectator. The question was, would I like it?

Eyes: The color is that of a soft pear, light gold with only a slight tint of green. The rim is solid and holds itself quite well up against the glass. Giving the glass a light twirl reveals a thin syrup, but one that holds the glass.

Nose: Peaches fresh from the farm, a little unripe. One of the better aromas I’ve gotten from a riesling.

Taste: Tart but sweet it starts off fruity, like a sweet lemon or tart peach, but ends in a slightly burnt sugar taste. The taste finishes quite nicely, but leaves an aftertaste which is a tad overwhelming, like a lemon rind taste that won’t go away.

Overall: I liked it. Not the best Riesling I’ve had, but then I tend towards the sweeter. Had the aftertaste been a little better, I would have liked this more. On my scale of 1-3, I’d give it a three, buying it but only if my other riesling favs weren’t in.

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