Hey everybody! Today Rahdo runs through Superhot: the Card Game which is based on the very very popular video game of the same name and I’m going to be doing a solo run through of this today because Superhot: the Card Game is on Kickstarter right now and you might be deciding whether you want to back it. Now you go to the little ‘i’ in the top-right corner of the screen or follow the show notes to learn more about the core game but I’m just going to be using this little prototype I’ve got to give you an idea of how well it captures the action of its video game big brother So what do you get with the game? It’s basically a deck of cards. This is for all intents and purposes a very very small deck builder Also, my prototype anyway, comes with a few little cubes that you can use to keep track of progress on objectives And so what are you getting here? Well, you’ve got four different types of cards You’ve got bullets – these are your enemy Bad guys with shotguns don’t kill you.

Their bullets will kill you. And so if at any given time I have four bullet cards in my hand it’s all over. I’ve been shot and that’s it. So you’ve also got a bunch of cards. This is the obstacle deck.

This is… basically it gets shuffled up and, um… will be presenting you with a series of obstacles to get past as you go through level after level in fact you have to survive through three levels to win the game although, as part of setup, what you do is you take one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine One bullet. You shuffle this bullet into these nine cards somewhere and you put the whole thing at the bottom of the deck and now we are ready to go. The obstacle deck is set up And in the first room we’re going to encounter we have one two three four five six obstacles to overcome: Two guys with shotguns a pillar a safe space a table and another safe space so actually this isn’t too bad of a start we’ve got some safe spots to hide in we’ve got a pillar to hide behind and we got two guys coming after us with shotguns Alright.

And over here is the draw pile for the rest of the obstacles. What else have we got? Well I’ve got my starting deck I start with eight cards – three dodges and five punches because at the beginning of the game that’s all I’m going to be doing is dodging and punching trying to stay alive as these more heavily outfitted guys come after me although if I can destroy them then I can get their guns and turn the tables so let’s just shuffle this up and I start with the hand of one two three four so I got a starting hand of four cards and, last but not least, we have the deck of objective cards I’ve just got a few in this prototype Apparently there’s going to be a whole bunch more. And the way the game is set up you have to win three levels in the first level you have to… um… take out… you have to complete one objective in the second level you have to complete two objectives and then the third level you have to complete three objectives And if you can survive long enough to do all that you win the game So in this first level I am going to be… trying to hold a card of each type in my hand. Okay. You can see the symbols for the different types That’s… Oh, I actually have to have a bullet in my hand along with umm…. a person card – as you can see the little icons are down here so if I can get into a situation… and that’s going to be tricky because I only have four cards in my hand Now, here’s an interesting thing when you see the objective you have to complete if you decide that’s going to be kind of tough You have the option to veto and I think…

I don’t know if I necessarily want to start with this I’m going to veto this and try to get a little bit easier an objective to go for right up front Now that doesn’t mean this is gone that just means this is going to be one of the two objectives I have to complete in the second level when I get to the second level I could veto it again But then I’m required to defeat it in the third level so this isn’t going to go away So we’ll just put this aside and say hey, instead… ooh, “Empty the obstacle deck twice” I like that. That’s a good start So this is now going back to the top of the deck which means I will be… it’s not going away It’s going to be my problem in the second level but in the meantime I need to empty the obstacle deck, so I have to survive I have to make it through this deck of cards twice to finish the first level Right! We’re set up. We’re ready to go. Let’s get super hot! Alright now.

Okay. Whoo I got three punches and a dodge and by the way, like I say, I’ve got a prototype this is a little… there’s a typo on my card This is a P1 card because actually if you’re playing a two-player game the second player gets a similar deck of cards with punches and dodges, but right now I’m playing solo I’ll talk about the multiplayer later. So on my turn What I need to do is I can spend these cards to defeat… destroy stuff that’s in the room that’s coming for me and anything I can’t take care of is going to is going to cause problems for me although in this room it’s not so bad These guys if I don’t take them out they’re… at the end of the turn they’re going to shoot each one is going to shoot two bullets that means four bullets can enter the simulation as well as… remember there is already a bullet somewhere in the bottom 10 cards of this deck It is slowly working its way towards me And more bullets are going to come if these guys get their shots off and now that may sound a little weird bullets slowly moving their way towards me, but that is… the fundamental trick of superhot the game is that time stands still. If you’re not moving, time doesn’t move and when you’re playing the video game that means you can just stand in the middle of the room and look around and you can see the guys that are shooting at you and you can see there are literally bullets frozen in the air that are coming towards you and so you can plan Like maybe with a planning card… You can plan and say: oh, I see a bullet coming at me. Alright! If I move to the left… Because, remember, as soon as you start moving everything starts moving so if I move to left I can dodge that bullet and then over to the left there is a bottle that I can pick up and throw at the guy and if I hit the guy I can snag his shotgun and stuff like that.

That that’s how the video game works It’s really very very cool. And this is how the card game works because this is the board. Everything’s frozen. I can see there’s two guys getting ready to shoot. I can see there’s a pair of pliers.

I can see there’s a pillar that I could go and try to hide behind. There’s a safe space I can hide behind There’s a table. I could flip the table to protect me. And so I have to decide.

How am I going to move? What am I going to do because I’ve got these four cards. Now, cards have two halves. The top half is what you pay attention to when it’s in your hand this… er… these three punches and dodge mean I have three attack and one Dodge resource to spend When cards are out here in the room you don’t pay attention to the top, you pay attention to the bottom because this tells you how much it costs to buy them.

If I want to defeat this pillar card so that it goes into my hand so that I will be able to use it in a future turn to plan I need to spend three dodge. I have to dodge over to get behind the pillar. Now of course I don’t have three dodge so I am not going to be getting to this pillar this turn to flip the table I have to spend two attack, and then I’ll flip the table. I’ll get this.

And then in a future turn, I’ll have two dodge because effectively I’m hiding behind the table that I flipped The pliers… This is interesting. It’s a safe space.

If I get to the safe space, I’ll find some pliers. To get to the safe space I need to spend four resources. It can be any combination of attack or dodge.

So… I mean I’ve got four, so I could go… I could head to the safe space Which means this card will come directly into my hand and I’ll have it available to me in the next round and what does that mean? Well, I’ll get pliers which means I can heal a bullet from my hand I can literally use the pliers and pull it out of me Or I can draw a card. So that means in the next round I’ll have more cards than normal to deal with stuff.

Let’s see now… Unfortunately, I’d like to take out these shotgun guys, but as you can see they require five… you know, five of either type I can’t. So these shotgun guys are going to get some shots off on me.

Well, not necessarily. There are two ways you can deal with bad guys. You can spend the resources needed to destroy them and then they immediately they come directly in your hand or you can play cards to avoid them. Stuff that’s to the right of the line, represents stuff that’s closer to me in the room These are things that are so close I can avoid them by playing cards Which means the stuff that’s over to the left is going… I’m going to have to deal with.

I mean this guy… I’m probably going to be able to avoid this guy but this guy is going to shoot at me So how do you avoid things? Well again it comes back to the cards? I can play cards to basically buy these and put them in my hand but for every card I successfully play I avoid one of the guys on the right side of the room So, for instance, what am I going to do? Let’s see.

Well I think… I think I want those pliers because that will give me an extra… I’ll draw a card in the next round so I am going to play all four cards Right. When you play cards you put them over here in the played card section So this gives me four resources to spend here:

Now I’m going to spend all four of them to get to the safe space that means, when I deal with this card immediately – or I ‘destroy’ the card it’s called, but that’s just a name convention – It comes over here. And now, if I had any more resources to spend if I had a couple more I could flip the table it would come over here and go into my hand, but I have spent everything on this one card, so I have no more left over. Right. So after I’m done playing cards and, you know… destroying cards from the line. I then refill my hand.

Any card I was able to destroy comes into my hand and then after that I fill back up to four. Two… three.. four. Alright, so next turn I’m going to have two dodges, one punch and the ability to draw one more card. So this is going to be my hand for next round. So first you refill your hand. Then you count how many cards you successfully played.

I played four cards that means – and you can line them up like this – I have successfully avoided these four cards. Ohhh… (annoyed grunt) So I’ve successfully avoided these four cards that means all of these cards aren’t going to bother me and the only thing that’s left is going to be this shotgun guy who’s going to shoot. Here’s a problem though, because I’ve avoided these four cards I have avoided the pillar which means at the end of the turn I don’t get to use the pillar special ability of drawing an extra card So if I’d only played three… Okay, let’s just actually look at this because right off the bat, this is a good example of the interesting strategies involved.

Right, I want to play all four of these because that will give me the… that’ll get me to the safe space where I’ll find some pliers for next round. That’s great. But that means I avoid the pillar and I lose the chance. Now instead, let’s say I only play two cards. Right so I play punch and punch that gives me enough to flip the table and so the flip the table will come out.

It will… And so I’m not going to play these other cards. I’m going to keep in my hand that means… I’ll flip the table. It’ll come into my hand.

I’ll refill. I fill up to four. And so now, going to the next round I get one two three four five resources which is enough to take care of the shotgun guy in the next round and, because I’ve only played two cards, I’m only going to avoid these two spaces. Now this space is empty because I wiped it out so that doesn’t really matter but I’m avoiding this shotgun guy so what happens is, after I’ve refilled my hand everything I avoided goes into my discard pile So, um… you know… So the the stuff I destroy goes directly into my hand the stuff I avoid goes into my discard pile I’ll be able to get that later. This was a blank space.

The cards I played, they don’t go into my discard pile They go into the discard pile for the room. So everything I use becomes something that will affect me later I use these punches and by doing that that means, later on, two unarmed guys are going to spawn in this room. Meanwhile, I avoided this shotgun guy which means, later on, I’m going to get a shotgun I’m going to find a shotgun later on but the stuff you take out immediately goes directly in your hand So the trick is, you play your cards buy whatever resources you’re going to do after you’re done with that, you refill your hand with the stuff you destroyed plus, you know, you fill back up then the cards you’ve… um… the cards you played lets you avoid stuff that goes into your discard pile and then the cards you played go into the room’s discard pile And then everything else slides over and all of these cards are going to trigger. Safe space – nothing happens. Pillar – so the Pillar, I didn’t… I didn’t avoid it I didn’t destroy it so it stuck around that means at the end of the turn I get to draw another card So while it may have seemed obvious at first that yeah, I should have grabbed the really powerful card instead, by grabbing the lesser card, I’ve got even more cards in my hand because I left that pillar around and I hid behind it to draw another card.

The safe space stays here. But here’s the problem Guy with shotgun, at the end of the turn, shoots two. So two more bullets are coming out. They go into the discard pile. Which means the shots have been fired but they’re not going to show up for a while because everything in this game kind of happens in slow motion and if I’m not moving, stuff isn’t moving.

Now remember, there’s a bullet near the bottom of this deck. There are now two more bullets that are coming my way. I know they’re coming and the only way for me to deal with bullets is to dodge them I need two dodge or, instead, to completely destroy them by slicing them out of the air… with a katana! Which is awesome.

Hopefully I’ll get to show you guys that. So anyway. So the stuff slid over.

Everybody activated. And now the room refills. Hey, there’s another table to hide behind and a guy with a gun and now we are ready for round two. But going into round two I’ve got um…

I’ve got a hand of five cards, so I’m feeling pretty good about this Now, what am I going to do? Well, I don’t want this shotgun guy to fire again. Remember, I need five of any combination of attack or dodging to take that shotgun guy out. Oh, remember, there are two ways for me to take him out I can spend the resources which means he’ll come directly into my hand or, if I just play enough cards, he will get avoided and he’ll go into my discard pile, and I’ll get him later So… I mean, if I were to play all five of these cards one, two, three, four, five and none of these cards have any special powers that gives me one two three four five six total resources.

Now, you can only play a card if you can spend those resources I can’t just play this to get it out of my hand I have to be able to spend. So if I got one two three four five six That means I could spend five of it on this shotgun, but the one that I didn’t spend on the shotgun I can’t play that because there’s nothing that costs one. So that means if I want to take out this shotgun guy with two… three… four… five, let’s say then I’ll spend all five guys to take out the shotgun guy.

This, I can’t place. because I can’t buy anything with a single card. That means I will have played four cards I’ll have blown up the shotgun, and these three cards will have been skipped.

I’ll skip past these cards. and Mr. Gun over here will take a shot at me and put another bullet in the bullet deck, so that’s not great So I don’t think it makes sense for me to directly attack the shotgun guy because if I play enough cards I’ll get rid of shotgun guy I should take care of the gun guy and just avoid… run past the shotgun guy and actually destroy the gun guy So that means… but to take out the gun guy I need specifically two attack. So for starters I’m definitely going to play two punch – which means I’m going to take out the gun guy – And now that means I played two cards so these two are going to get passed up I need to play two more cards so I can I can skip past shotgun guy Can I do it?

Yes I can. Because… So I played these two to get this… I’ll play all this – that’s one, two, three, four. That’s four more.

That’s enough to get the pliers. So these come out as well. And so I have actually played all five of my cards and that gave me gun, and so now after I’m done I refill my hand. These go directly into my hand. So I destroyed the gun guy and I took his gun.

If you’ve ever seen the video game It’s really awesome the way that works, and I’ve also hidden in a safe space where, hey! I found some pliers! and then I refill my hand I’ve got another dodge card and a punch card and now my deck is empty. And now, after I’ve done that I see… Look at this!

I played five cards I destroyed this guy I avoided all of these. So shotgun guy did not get a shot off. All of these go into my discard pile. All of these go into the discard pile for the room. And hey!

For a brief shining moment I’ve completely emptied out the room! Although there’s never a moment’s rest because the room refills and hey, here’s a guy with a gun. Here’s flipping the table. Another table to flip. A secret plan.

If I find the briefcase I can get a secret plan. Guy with Katana is coming. If I can get that Katana… remember a bullet is coming I want that Katana so I can destroy flying bullets. And another plan.

Another… a pillar where I could plan a little bit. And another guy with a gun Okay! And so I’m moving into the next room, and I’ve got all this stuff and, once again, how am I going to play? well first of all I’ll play these… now this doesn’t give me the opportunity to buy it would let me heal. If I had ever taken a bullet… When bullets come into my hand they clog up my hand and limit what I can do because I’m wounded and if I end up with my hand full of bullets so if I have four bullets, I die.

Pliers let me pull bullets out and get rid of them I don’t have any bullets right now, so I’m going to play this to draw another card, and my deck is empty so I’m going to have to reshuffle and now remember, this is now a deck composed of all the stuff that I have previously avoided that is turned into new opportunities for me So I’m going to draw another card, and it’s pliers. Okay, so I got some more pliers which means, heck, I could play these and then draw another card. And it’s flip the table.

Alright, so that is two defense, so I’ve got one, two , three, four, five, six… I’ve got 6 total resources I could play I’ve already played these two which means I’m going to avoid this gun guy and I’m also going to avoid this table which means it’ll go in my discard pile And so I’ve got enough to take out guy with Katana, but, you know, if I play enough cards I’ll just avoid guy with Katana and instead I should really focus on taking out guy with gun. Um… So how am I going to do that? Well, you know what? If you want to find out you can hit the little ‘i’ in the top right corner of the screen and go to the extended playthrough And I’ll keep playing some more Superhot or you can go to Final Thoughts and hear what we thought and also hear some about the two-player gameplay.

Your choice in 5… 4… 3… 2…. 1