Franciacorta Bellavista Cuvée Brut

I am not prone to sparkling wines. It’s hard to explain why, and the best answer I can come up with is “well, there are just other things I prefer to drink!” I’m not offended by sparkling wines, it’s just that, truth be told, if I’m celebrating, I’d rather have a martini or a mojito. More bang for the buck as they say.

But there are times when sparkling wines are simply required. I’m not sure what it is, but no other alcoholic beverage, be it wine, beer or spirit, fits a moment so nicely.

Sure, sure, you have your New Year’s eve, and wedding days are also appropriate. But those are typical sparkling wine days. I’m talking something “more”.

Recently I found myself in the midst of a hellacious project while at work. It was the type of project that brought continual pain and agony. The first day I felt this pain and agony, I said to myself “well, this pain and agony is how I think it feels if I were to stick my head inside and head-sized pencil sharpener. I’m glad this is over with. It wasn’t so bad, as long as it doesn’t happen on an everyday basis”.

Except for, of course, it happened on an everyday basis. And I willingly drove to work everyday, and voluntarily stuck my head in this metaphorical head-sized pencil sharpener.

But then, one day last week, the project came to a close. No more pain and agony. I knew right then that I had to celebrate.

Sparkling wines are perfect for moments like that; for moments when you no longer have to deal with a person, place or thing that causes you an undue amount of stress. No other alcoholic beverage has the ability to wash away week’s worth of discomfort.

This is my Lombardy wine. I could tell you the history of Franciacorta, how they have no wine tradition, and only recently have decided to make sparkling wines from the area. I could also tell you how this spumante looks, with its bright gold with a slight tinge of green.

I could tell you how it tastes, being a bit on the dry side but having just enough sweetness to keep me happy.

I could tell you all of this…but really? Really all I want to do is celebrate not having to put my head in that head-sized pencil sharpener anymore.

UPDATE: Jack let me know that I had the name listed incorrectly. Consider it updated.

British Chef Smacks down French Wine

Ah…I’m always happy when food people stumble into the cultural relativism arguments. It makes for good drama. Even more so when it deals with two cultures (The French and the British) who have a history of antagonizing each other.

I am referring to Popular British chef Rick Stein, who recently said that French wines are for the most part, y’know, kinda dull.

Considering the disdain that the French hold British cuisine, and how much, rightly or wrongly, they hold their wines dear, this has got to be a bit of an insult to them.

Pass me the popcorn, this could get interesting.